"Inform, Prepare & Adapt"

"Inform, Prepare & Adapt"

"Inform, Prepare & Adapt""Inform, Prepare & Adapt"




An innovative easy to navigate animated app, loaded onto a tablet and made available to people caught in crisis.



A specialised team of experts develop the latest cutting edge solutions based around our 6 pillars.

Our Solutions

FAT content and App developed by experts:


  • Health sustainability & Hygiene
  • Security & Survival techniques
  • Disaster zone safety procedures 
  • First Aid applications and methods 
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy 
  • Maps GPS and Off-line
  • Migrant, Refugee and Human Rights
  • Preventing the Recruitment of Children in Armed Forces, and Human Trafficking 
  • Education for primary students

FAT as an App will be available as a first aid safety measure for the general public and also available as a fully loaded digital tablet distributed through humanitarian aid drop offs to people caught in crisis. Under our directives, our volunteers and partner NGO's will undergo training in order to provide an effective delivery of tablets to all recipients.  Our duty of care to our staff and partners prevents us from exposing our personnel to any threat of harm. In this event we will resort to drones as the preferred method of delivery of our Tablets.  

Sponsors of a Tablet:

When disaster strikes, sponsors of a tablet will also be provided with the option to engage directly with the recipients through the app once it comes online. This engagement will be carefully administered and monitored by the FAT team for the sole benefit of the recipient. By providing this unique facility the sponsors also become volunteers bridging the gap between themselves and the recipient making a more effective relationship and outcome to evolve.


First Aid

Health and Psychology

Health and Psychology


Medical Aid

Software is loaded/Updated which is used when treating a casualty from an accident or incident.

Off line data, and online enable the Tablet access to Embed GPS data, add photos from the field or of the casualty’s injury or complaint and share in real-time to coordinate support or a rescue. Powerful stuff for online or offline support.

Included data and app’s allow you to search, browse and explore all guidance used for medical situations.

​Physical First Aid Kit
Under certain circumstances a first aid kit will also be provided along with the Digital Tablet.

Security and Survival

Topics and solutions by leading military experts on survival techniques also include: Landmines and unexploded ordnance; Road Blocks; Kidnapping/abductions; Snipers/Shooting; seeking food and necessities; Explosions; Air bombardment; Invasion; Evacuation/migration; seeking refuge.

Preventing the Recruitment of Children in Armed Forces 

Human Trafficking

How we can help? 

By providing the necessary FAT support systems to improve the lives of women, girls and local communities, FAT provides solutions and preventative measures in  sex trafficking by making accessible the resources to gain education, skills and counselling.

As well as providing the necessary support systems FAT will work in with other NGO’s who are presently active in the field.

Health and Psychology

Health and Psychology

Health and Psychology


Leaving no one behind

The effect that conflicts have on health status can be explored to: identify the social determinants specific to the crisis setting; ascertain special dimensions of the more conventional social determinants operating in such crisis settings; and suggest interventions which help to mitigate their impact. 

The three social determinants identified that have a bearing on health and are peculiar to conflict settings are: 

1. The loss of human rights, which can be seen as the first and most important social determinant in a conflict situation.

2. Breaches of medical neutrality, in violation of the Geneva Convention.

3. Progression from stress to distress and disease that results from constant, unremitting exposure to a life-threatening situation.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

As well as counselling, there are many other types of psychological therapies, including:


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Humanistic therapy

Group or family therapy

Relationship therapy

Mindfulness based therapy

and Live online therapy.

Other more direct Support will include topics relating to: 



Panic disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) 

post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Long-term illnesses

Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia and Schizophrenia.


Health and Psychology



Every Child's birth-right

Attacks on education occur around the world, both inside and outside of situations of armed conflict. In many regions, armed groups intentionally target schools, teachers, and students. These attacks violate the rights of the child: in addition to putting children at risk of injury or death, they can thwart students' chance to get an education. Attacks on schools, teachers, and students can cause children to drop out or go to school less often, force schools to cut their hours, and destroy school buildings and materials. In environments of violence and fear, the quality of children's education is severely diminished. Human Rights Watch defines "attacks on education" as encompassing the full range of violations that place children at risk and deny them access to education. This includes attacks on school infrastructure and on teachers and students; the occupation of schools by the police and military; harassment and threats against teachers, parents, and students; and the recruitment of children from schools to become soldiers.

The FAT education programs available on the app will be tailored to maintain a healthy learning environment in the absence of schooling. Each specific regions and or crisis zones will have its own tailored elementary and middle school curriculum courses and examination procedures imbedded into the FAT app.

Data Collection

Once the device connects online, a data collection facility within the device will upload critical information from each device to our data collection facility. This data will allow the organisation to build on its strengths and resolve any weaknesses.

This macro-cyclical facility will form an unlimited opportunity for the continuous invention and introduction of new improved solutions .